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Anonymous asked: What's your cheer practice schedule during competitions? And what do you practice? :)

DISCLAIMER: This is just for Cheer Extreme and my team… things may be different at different gyms. Right now because of Worlds I have had three hour practices everyday since last Friday and will continue to have them until we leave for Orlando on Thursday. We start with a 12 minute warm up similar to the warmup we’re going to experience at Worlds, which is basically an all lifting routine followed by a routine to warm up tumbling and then time to warm up anything else that needs to be warmed up. Then we do two to three fullouts. After our fullouts our coach has us play “games” that usually include going fullout with all mistakes, going fullout with just the first half or second half, all lifting routines, all tumbling routines, etc. After the “game,” depending on how much time we have left, we “clean” our routine which basically means making sure every motion, transition, skill is executed perfectly.

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Anonymous asked: I weigh 150.5 am I to fat to cheer ?

Noooooooo, definitely not. You’re not even fat… Like at all.

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Anonymous asked: What do u do at tryouts

Usually you show your hardest tumbling skills, stunt, do some jumps, and then a dance to showcase your performance skills.

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Anonymous asked: I have always wanted to cheer and I'm thinking of joining the cheer squad at my junior high next school year (this September D: !) . I have My scorp , splits on both Legs ( except for middle ) my scale and bow and arrow :D . But , I've been having trouble with my splits! As I said earlier , I have both right leg and left leg splits , but , I can't go down in them all the way anymore! I went all the way once , now I can't! Do you have any stretching tips to regain my splits?

Check the links on the left side of my page!

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Anonymous asked: Hi I am 16 years old & I've been wanting to be in top gun all stars since I was 8 years old & my parents never let me, same with my middle school/highschool team. Somehow after 8 years I got my mom to understand really what cheerleading was, how it's an amazing sport that I would die to be able to do and I finally am getting her acceptance and she is taking me to stunting privates at top gun and it's going really well and I love it, Is it possible for me to be on a team on top gun Is it too late

That’s so awesome that you’re parents are finally letting you cheer! And it’s definitely not too late for you!

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Anonymous asked: Would be awkward if I tried out for cheer when I'm 5'0

uhhh I’m 5’0 and I like to think I do pretty well…

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Anonymous asked: im about to start cheering at Cheer Athletics. Im 13 and a beginner. How do I become super flexible and good enough to make it on allstars? Is that possible by the time im 17?

that’s more than enough time to really develop your skills! stretch everyday and really listen to what your coaches have to say, you’re in very capable hands at cheer athletics!

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Anonymous asked: I don't cheer at a 'big name' gym and I feel really bad about it and I don't know why, it makes me feel like I'm the worst of all cheerleaders or something.. Anyways, I wanna switch over to Top Gun but one I feel like it's going to be way more money than my other gym and two I feel like they won't put me on a team since I don't tumble well (it's not consistent.. They say that everyone gets put on a team, but still..) any advice?

cheerleading isn’t about where you cheer or who you cheer for it’s about loving what you’re doing. focus on YOUR passion for the sport and not what anyone else thinks.

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